My Winter 2020 Bucket List!

“First we make snow angels for two hours, and then we’ll go ice skating, and then we’ll eat a whole roll of Tollhouse Cookie Dough as fast as we can, and then to finish…we’ll snuggle!!”

Only in Canada (or the North Pole) is it “normal” to have a winter bucket list...

I’m one of those crazies who appreciate each season in Canada! I love change, I love the different experiences that the weather can bring, I love transitioning my closet each season and let’s be real, we all know I love to change up my home decor! (I’m also a kid at heart, so celebrating traditions with the kiddos in my classroom is a non-negotiable!) This year, I’ve been really intentional when it comes to finding joy in the little things. Between working full time + being in school full time, I like to spend my weekends doing anything but thinking about either. (Work hard, play hard right!?) To keep things easy going + light in my life, I’ve decided to take on an alter ego (buddy the elf) and make a winter bucket list! So grab your hot chocolate, put on your fuzzy socks and let’s get to planning!

  • Have a girls night with wine in the hot tub
  • Snowshoe in the forest
  • Go snowmobiling with my dad
  • Ice skate in arrowhead
  • Eat dinner in an “igloo bubble”
  • Spend the weekend in a cabin
  • Have a winter campfire
  • Bake a Christmas treat + do porch drop offs for friends/family
  • Make a blanket fort + binge watch a tv series
  • Finally finish those books I’ve been wanting to read!
  • Perfect my winter sangria recipe
  • Make hot chocolate + walk around at night to see the Christmas lights
  • Have a games night at home
  • Take hot yoga classes
  • Donate clothes (at least 2 bags)
  • Paint a room in the house
  • Start a vacation fund
  • Completely unplug + disconnect for a week
  • Cook a fancy meal at home with J
  • Find a frozen waterfall

If you know of any local/outdoor activities that I should add to my list, please share! Winter months can seem to drag on if you don’t keep yourself + your family occupied! Stay warm, safe + happy friends! -Silk

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