Goodbye Summer, Hello September!

Current location: coffee brewing in the kitchen, acoustic music playing in the background, “sweater weather” burning in my living room, windows open, curled up on the couch with my puppy + perfectly content!

Who else has been patiently waiting to cozy up their life for the best season ever? Something about autumn gives me all of the feels! Maybe it’s that “fresh start” feeling of going back to school (I’m lucky enough to experience that every September, thanks to my career), maybe it’s the fact that the next couple months are filled with things to celebrate in our house (birthdays, thanksgiving + an anniversary) or maybe it’s how the temperature outside and leaves on our trees begin to change in the best ways! Regardless, I’m one of the people who embrace all things cozy beginning September 1st! (Okay okay, I’ll admit it…I couldn’t even wait until September 1st to begin PSL season this year!)

With a little inspo from Pinterest + “The Little Book of Hygge” I feel like I’ve curated the perfect list of 10 cozy things you can do to refresh your life + welcome fall!

  • Warm Lighting– Instead of using overhead lights, try filling the house with fall scented candles + fairy lights to create a warm and inviting atmosphere! Nothing’s cozier than a low lit room to wind down in at the end of the night!
  • Front Porch Decor– What’s better than being greeted by a welcoming front porch the minute you get home?! A wreath, mums + a witty front door rug can do wonders for a little autumn inspired curb appeal!
  • Throw Blankets + Pillows– There’s nothing I love more than snuggling up in the living room with a million throw blankets and pillows! While drinking your morning coffee, taking an afternoon nap or watching a movie before bed, always having a blanket near by will up your comfort level instantly!
  • Hot Coffee + Your Favourite Mug– It’s that time of year! I love iced coffee year round, but there’s something so satisfying about starting off the morning with a warm cup of Joe in my favourite fall mug! (Life hack: Homesense sells 0 calorie PSL flavouring! Don’t walk, run!)
  • Transition Your Closet– There’s something so refreshing about transitioning your closet into the upcoming season. It’s time to say goodbye to shorts + sandals and hello to cozy cardigans, flannels and layering pieces. *Dare I say scarves!?
  • Recipe Books– Is there anything better than the aroma of fall baking in the kitchen to bring that sense of hygge to a home!? Start browsing for hearty fall inspired recipes that will taste like food for the soul!
  • Fall Florals– There’s something so uplifting about buying yourself flowers! What better way to show yourself some love + bring a little bit of natural colour into your home than with a fall bouquet! (sidenote: Yes, you deserve it!)
  • Create an Autumn Playlist– I’ve been really into acoustic covers lately. They give me that coffee shop on a slow sunday morning vibe! Spotify is filled with hundreds of playlists that will fill your heart and home up with cozy + calming music!
  • Gratitude Journals– Don’t wait until thanksgiving to start practicing gratitude! Write down 10 things you’re grateful for every day and watch your mindset change. (Then thank me later!)
  • Make Plans– Before you know it this year will be over. The last thing you want is to miss out on being with the people who fill your cup up most, during one of the best seasons! Hikes, farmers markets + coffee dates are a few easy ways to plan quality time with the ones you love! Friendly reminder: make that phone call or send the text asap!

What are some of the lifestyle changes you hope to make with new season approaching?

I hope this season brings a sense of hygge to your life! Xx

Today’s Mantra: Make it a September to remember!

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