Southern cooking makes you good looking!

If you know me, you know that if I had to pick somewhere to live in the USA I’d pick Nashville, TN hands down! The 24/7 live country music, the one of a kind restaurants/bars, the farmers market, the murals, the small shops, the southern neighbourhoods, the sweet sweet people, the outfits, the history…it’s definitely my *small town* (but make it big) vibe!

Well, butter my buns and and call me a biscuit! A little taste of Nashville has come to my town at a new hot local spot “North Country BBQ” located at the 5 points downtown Barrie, ON! (10 Dunlop st. E, Barrie)

North Country BBQ is a Nashville inspired eatery filled with smokey food, country music and a whole lotta character! The brick walls are covered with posters of all of the classic country music artists you could think of! Brooks ‘N Dunn, Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, you name it! The aesthetic doesn’t stop there, they had windmills for ceiling fans, string lights above the stage, bull horns, fiddles and horseshoes covering the walls! Where I sat there was a gorgeous mosaic tin accent wall! I loved all of the details that were put into bringing the music city vibes to this local spot.

“You know I like my chicken fried, cold beer on a Friday night, pair of jeans that fit just right, and the radio uuuuuuuuup!” The live band playing at North Country BBQ had the playlist on point all night! Between today’s country and throwback country they put on a great show that kept me singing the whole time! (If only we could get up and dance!)

Speaking of the precautions that the restaurant is taking to keep it’s customers safe! In between each booth there were plexiglass privacy dividers installed to keep a safe distance in between each party. (Yes I said party! Each table was having just as much fun singing along to the music which in my opinion makes for an even more entertaining experience!) All of the employees were wearing masks (properly, I should add!) The proper sanitizing was complete in between serving new tables. And lastly, before being seated the hostess reminded us to keep our masks on while leaving the table or using the washroom! I give them an A for effort for the safety measures put in place to keep their customers/employees safe! (But I’ve gotta say, I can’t wait for the day I can get up out of my seat and attempt a two-step on a dance floor again!)

Saving the best for last, the menu!

Y’all. I ordered the Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich with Mac n’ cheese on the side. (Because go big or go home when reviewing a new restaurant right!) It was so dang good! Paired with a cold glass of beer (or two)…and add a peach mango margarita for dessert. Let me just say, I left with a full belly and full heart!

The sandwich was perfectly crispy and perfectly spicy! I added their signature bbq sauce that was on the table and it made it even better! (side note: my s/o loves spice…he said he wanted it to be set-your-mouth-on-fire-hot and didn’t get that! In my opinion- it just depends on what your tastebuds can handle! He also said he wanted more chicken…again I guess it depends how hangry you are! I was SO full!) The Mac n’ cheese reminded me so much of the meals I had while I was in Nash! It was creamy and came in the perfect portion size!

The drinks were great! The peach mango margarita was mixed well and went down almost too smooth! Knowing myself, one tequila mixed drink is typically one too many! If I didn’t have to work the next day, I easily could have spent the night enjoying the music and some cold bevvy’s with friends!

Over all I give my experience a 9.9! (That .1 is because you truly can’t bring the full Nashville experience to Canada…but you can get pretty dang close! And that’s what North Country BBQ has mastered!)

If you’re all about country music, a satisfying meal, cold drinks and great service I’d highly recommend trying out this new hot spot! (Did I mention…they’re working on a patio that will seat 100 people! I’m seeing a major girls night out in my near future!)

Welcome to Barrie, North Country! I’m head over boots for you!

One thought on “Southern cooking makes you good looking!

  1. Sounds Delish!!!
    Definitely want to try, you had me at Mac’n’Cheese, and there’s a few other things that caught my eye on their menu!!! (wiping the drool away as we speak!)

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