Think Big, Shop Small!

Me: Should I buy it? 

Brain: No

Wallet: No

Husband: No

Universe: No

The girls at Clothz: Yes

Me: Sold!

Hey smalltowners- I wanted to take a minute to rave over a hidden gem in my hometown! Today I followed my heart and it led me to Clothz in Alliston, ON! Clothz is a retail store filled with the trendiest brands for both men and women! When they first opened up in Alliston it was great to finally have somewhere to shop without having to go far for awesome styles and prices (NGL, the sales are my weak point!) I’ve always been one to grab a coffee on my lunch break and browse the cute shops (that are in my opinion, completely underrated!) on Main Street *Victoria st., Clothz always being my first stop! You’ll never miss it because they always have THE most aesthetically pleasing front window…typically filled with lots of colour and items that will catch your eye- giving you no choice but to go in! If you’re not in Alliston your next best chance to window shop is through their instagram feed/stories! Typically, their instagram posts are what get my credit card out of my wallet the fastest (Head says no, heart says confirm checkout on!) because they review their products honestly as well as show their clothing on different body types! Today I took a trip to town and I’d love to share the things I picked up because #1 they’re adorable and #2 I had the oppourtunitiy to support local- win win! (I’m not telling you to go check out their summer styles…but I’m telling you you should go check out their summer styles- sorry not sorry!)

The first thing I picked up was this classic Levi’s Varsity Tee:

  • I’d describe the colour as a fuchsia pink that will make you look golden and tan (even if you’re not!)
  • Levi’s is a brand that will never go out of style and the quality is great- I can speak to it because this is the second Tee I’ve picked up and love it as much as the first one!

The second item I was able to snag was this RVCA “Flux top”:

  • I found it on the sale rack…hence why I used the term snag! How could I not!? I love the navy blue and plaid…it gives me all of the summer vibes!
  • The fit of it is a perfect crop and sits great with high waisted jeans…giving you a flirty feel without being over-exposed!

Saving the best for last- I finally caved and picked up a Pixie Mood bag in the style Christy Crossbody in the white-croc print:

  • The size is perfect- it fits my iPhone and will fit a small wallet (I regretably left the matching mini at the store)!
  • The exterior is made from vegan leather (I’m not vegan due to a pizza addiction- but you’ve gotta start somewhere right!?) and the interior is made from recycled water bottle lining (saving the planet one impulse shopping spree at a time)!

Now all I need is to make two reservations for patios…One for each outfit- hello girls night + date night!

Not that I need to influence you anymore (I’ll let you decide if I’m a positive or negative one) but I encourage you to shop local and Visit Clothz in the heart of downtown Alliston- “every time you buy from a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance!”

Today’s Mantra: I could give up shopping, but I’m not a quitter.

2 thoughts on “Think Big, Shop Small!

  1. Love the bag! and the fact that it’s a vegan leather and recycled materials!! SOLD… I’m purchasing one ASAP!


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