Let’s talk dirty!

Hey plant people- happy Monday! (Friendly reminder: you can handle whatever this week throws at you!)

With warm weather on the rise I have been quickly establishing my summer bucket list! Bring on everything outdoors-y: campfires, hiking, kayaking, (does sipping sangria on patios count?) and my newest hobby- gardening!

Six months ago while creating my 2020 dream board I had a vision that I would attempt a veggie garden this summer. (Side note: Can you believe the year is already almost half way over?) I’ve *shockingly* managed to keep my house plants alive long enough to feel like I could take on an entire garden! This past weekend, I turned my veggie-garden-dreams into a reality and I could not be happier with the outcome! Did I just type out that I had dreams of a veggie garden…is this what it’s like to admit you’re adult-ing? (Honestly, I have no shame in my *crazy plant lady* name!) With a little research and a whole lotta hard work I now have what looks like a mini farmers market in my own backyard! I planted: green beans, snap peas, leaf lettuce, kale, yellow & red peppers, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, zucchini, broccoli, brussel sprouts and strawberries! Go big or go home am I right? I cannot wait to see what turns out! *Wish me lots of sunshine, rain and good luck!*

There are so many reasons why I want to encourage you to just go for it if you’ve been debating starting a garden…

  • Gardening is great for the mind, body & soul!
  • Giving your plant-babies a drink of water every morning will encourage you to go outside and get some sunshine before you officially start your day!
  • Backyard or apartment balcony- you can create a garden customized to your space!
  • Gardening is a great activity for every age group! My nana has been gardening for years and last summer we attempted gardening at the childcare centre with our pre-schoolers who couldn’t resist getting their hands (and feet and sand and toys) all over it! Everybody loves it!
  • You will save $$$ on produce for the entire summer up until fall!
  • Food just tastes better when you know where it’s coming from! Bring on all the organic fruits & veggies!

If I’ve done a good job convincing you to start researching more about creating a garden for your own space, I have a few of tips on how to get started:

  • Find a space in your backyard with full sun that you’re willing to dedicate to your new veggies!
  • Decide if you want to create a raised garden bed or a in-ground garden bed…this is a completely personal preference! (Do your research on the pros/cons of both!) I went with a raised garden bed & had someone local build it for me! If you’re brave- Pinterest has plenty of step by step DIY instructions that you can take advantage of!
  • Measure out the amount of space you’re planning on using for the garden…this will help calculate how many veggies you can plant according to the space you’re providing! (Different vegetables need different amounts of space- be sure to do your research on this as well!)
  • I bought ready-to-plant veggies from a local farmers market for a great price! You can decide if you want to go the same route or if you’re patient enough to plant seeds!
  • Before you get down-and-dirty- research what type of soil you want to use…I used a mixture of compost + garden soil!
  • If you want your plants to thrive, research what plants grow best next to each other! (Some can be toxic to one another- who knew!)
  • Plant + water daily + be patient!

If you have experience gardening and have developed a green thumb please send your tips my way! I’m going to need all of the advice, sunny days & wishful thinking I can get! I cannot wait to see what will turnip! (haha- I had to!)

Today’s mantra: If plant hoarding is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

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