The Greater the Storm, the Brighter the Rainbow!

Hey Sunshine, happy Thursday! That’s right, I said h-a-p-p-y Thursday in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. Why? Because today, I choose joy. The minute my alarm went off this morning I instantly wanted to cancel the day and stay in my warm, cozy bed. (This never happens to me, I’m a morning person who jumps up at the smell of coffee!) But as I’m sure many of you can relate- adjusting to the world’s new “normal” can be hard some days! Even as someone who has a million things to be grateful for- I’m human! Instead of staying in a funk, I decided to brew myself a cup of Joe, snuggle my puppy, make myself a healthy breakfast and bring my laptop outside to write my weekly blog post while soaking up the sun! This week I’m focusing on finding things that make ME happy. This week’s “Happiness Project” was completing a quarantine craft! I wanted to create something that would be a constant self-reminder that you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain. (And at the end of this quarantine, maybe the world will become a better place!) So I did what I do best and scrolled Pinterest until I came upon this adorable D-I-Y Rope Rainbow! If you’re like me and thrive off of self-care or girl time, grab yourself your favourite bevvy…(in this case it was 5’oclock somewhere so I poured myself a glass of wine!) and let’s get started!

Step One:

Gather your materials! You will need:

  • Yarn (x4- you will need a different colour for each arch in your rainbow! Feel free to add more or less!)
  • Rope
  • Crafting Wire
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Tape (I used painters tape!)
  • Wine (optional- but definitely recommended!)

Step Two:

Prepare your arches!

  • Use the scissors to cut four equal pieces of rope! The rope will be the length of the rainbow’s arches- the longer the rope the bigger your rainbow will be!
  • Tape the ends of the rope! (We don’t want the ends to begin to fray until our final step!)

Step Three:

Add your wire!

  • Cut four equal pieces of craft wire. Aim to cut the wire to be the same length as the rope that is exposed! The wire will help shape the rope into a rainbow!
  • Attach the wire to the rope using tape! (My wire conveniently blends well with the rope… but feel free to use any type of crafting wire you can find!)

Step Four:

Bring colour to the rainbow!

  • Start by using your first piece of rope and first colour of yarn!
  • Hot glue a small dot onto the end of the rope and secure the end of your yarn into place. Wrap the yarn around the end of the rope, attempting to cover/hide the glue completely!

Step Five:

Be patient! This is the most time consuming step…

  • Wrap the entire piece of rope tightly with yarn! Attempt to ravel the yarn neatly so that the rope won’t show through. (Repeat this step with the next three pieces of rope/colours of yarn).

Step Six:

  • Repeat step four! (But at the opposite end)
  • Hot glue a small dot onto the end of the rope and secure the end of your yarn into place. Wrap the yarn around the end of the rope, attempting to cover/hide the glue completely! Cut the end of your yarn as closely as you can!

Step Seven:

Shape your rainbow!

  • Begin to see your hard work come together by placing each fully covered piece of rope in order of how you want the rainbow to appear! This step is a personal preference and there is no right or wrong way to do it!
  • Shape the rope into arches! I used the edge of a bowl to round the edges evenly…next making the final adjustments on my own!

Step Eight:

You’re almost done!

  • Before hot gluing the arches together, measure out a piece of string to transform your rainbow into a wall hanging! I used a generous piece to make room for adjustments! You can either loop the yarn in between the first and second arch…or wrap it around the entire rainbow!
  • *Optional Step: If you want all of your arches to appear the same length, unravel the yarn on each arch until the colours line up evenly! Re-glue the yarn into place.
  • Next, one by one begin to hot glue your arches into place. Use a small amount of glue so that it doesn’t seep through as you secure each arch together!
  • Once your arches are glued together, remove the tape and fray the ends of the rope- trim the ends so that they appear even!

Final Step:

  • Find somewhere to hang your masterpiece as a reminder that good things come at the end of a rainbow!

Today’s Mantra: Choose joy.

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