I’m nicer when I like my outfit.

Okay ladies, let’s cut to the chase. Who else feels personally victimized by the amount of promotions filling their email inbox? I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t even last a week in quarantine before my online “window shopping” turned into an aggressive amount of lounge wear showing up at my front door. It got to the point where I debated adding a “please hide packages from boyfriend” delivery-request before placing my order(s…). One minute I was “just browsing” Aerie’s clearance section and the next minute I had every “trending now” item in my cart being shipped to my house in 5-7 business days (no regrets). I’m talking joggers, tie dye, graphic t’s, bike shorts & matching sets. Because…why not show up to the living room looking like my best self every day? In my defence, I’ve been wearing the same rotation of outfits for the last (I’ve lost track of how many) days while at home…so at least I’ve got my money’s worth! If you have self control when it comes to shopping- keep scrolling for my outfit details. If you’re anything like me (each time you “like” an outfit on instagram you wish it would end up in your closet!) than close this weeks blog post…or don’t and just treat yo’self! Side Note: my style is good quality for a good price! I have no shame in my shopping game- you can find me at Platos Closet or Walmart just as often as you’ll find me browsing at the mall! If it’s cute, I don’t care where I find it!

Outfit #1

Joshua Tree National Park T: American Eagle (Currently sold out but I linked something similar!) https://www.ae.com/ca/en/p/women/t-shirts/graphic-tees/ae-beach-graphic-t-shirt/0531_9625_700?menu=cat4840004

Women’s Joggers: Walmart (10/10 for the fit, price and quality! They feel similar to Lululemon) https://www.walmart.ca/en/ip/athletic-works-womens-joggers-navy/6000198593651

Adidas Sneakers: Costco (Amazing price!) https://www.costco.ca/adidas-women’s-grand-court-shoe.product.100539088.html

Scrunchie: BHB (Always!) https://www.bringinhomebaby.com/shop-online

Outfit #2

Tie Dye Sweatshirt: Old Navy (True to size & perfect for spring/summer as it’s not too thick!) https://oldnavy.gapcanada.ca/browse/product.do?pid=484420143&cid=1018146&pcid=72808&vid=1&grid=pds_2_44_1#pdp-page-content

Women’s Joggers: Walmart

Adidas Sneakers: Costco

Outfit #3

Tie Dye Sweatshirt: American Eagle (Currently sold out- but I linked the same sweater in another colour! It’s very oversized but equally as comfy!) https://www.ae.com/ca/en/p/women/hoodies-sweatshirts/oversized-hoodies-sweatshirts/ae-fleece-oversized-vintage-crew-neck-sweatshirt/1457_9839_256?menu=cat4840004

Women’s Joggers: Walmart

Slippers: gifted! (Talk to Santa if you want the deets!)

Outfit #4

Sports bra: Old Navy (It feels more like a bralette and has a really pretty mesh back!) https://oldnavy.gapcanada.ca/browse/product.do?pid=451179063&cid=1034328&pcid=1034235&vid=1&grid=pds_0_7_1#pdp-page-content

Leggings: Old Navy (Currently sold out but I linked a similar style!) https://oldnavy.gapcanada.ca/browse/product.do?pid=553280043&cid=1084204&pcid=1031032&vid=1&grid=pds_25_156_1#pdp-page-content

Outfit #5

Long Sleeve Top: American Eagle (Cute, but oversized and I would recommend another colour! The “Peach” is more nude…unless that’s your thang!) https://www.ae.com/ca/en/p/women/hoodies-sweatshirts/classic-hoodies-sweatshirts/ae-long-sleeve-henley-top/2353_2021_823?nvid=pdp%3A2353_2021_309

Bike Shorts: American Eagle (Currently sold out but I linked a similar style- also oversized, but also comfy!) https://www.ae.com/ca/en/p/women/shorts/aerie-shorts/aerie-chill-high-waisted-bike-short/6493_4682_073?menu=cat4840006

There you have it…my current favourite sweatshirt & sweat-pant combos that I like to wow my S/O with while I *eat, sleep, Netflix, repeat* every day!

Today’s Mantra: Life is short, click confirm order!

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