Our Family Has Grown by Four Paws!

J in January: “We’re not getting a puppy.”

J in February: “If you ever try bringing a puppy home, he better be cute!”

J in Quarantine: “Okay, let’s get the puppy!”

They say you can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a puppy…and that’s pretty damn close! Everybody meet our new sidekick- Nash! Nash won our hearts with his blonde hair, freckled nose and eyes that change colour! (Typically I like a guy to be tall, dark and handsome…which is J to a T! But this little guy is pretty darn cute, NGL.) While researching different breeds of dogs, we settled on one that both of our families have had in the past…a Shih-Poo! Shih-Poo’s are a small-ish breed of dog, typically growing between 10-20 pounds. Nash was less than two pounds when we picked him up from the breeder on his “gotcha date” (who we connected with over kijiji for anyone who is wondering) and right now we’re just enjoying taking in every minute of his baby face! We decided on going with a smaller breed because we wanted the puppy to fit our lifestyle. We needed to keep in mind the size of our house, backyard and what type of adventures our new furry friend would be coming on. J wanted a puppy that was small enough to fit in his car/kayak and I wanted a puppy that would be big enough to go on long walks or come camping. Somehow we ended up with the perfect compromise…which ended up being Nash!

Lot’s of people have asked us how we came up with the name Nash. Nashville was the very first trip we went on as a couple and I loved the city almost as much as I love J- which is a lot! The name just seemed fitting, we didn’t even consider any others! (especially not the suggestions from friends “Covi…Quarry” etc. *Insert major eye roll here*) Side note: If you want to read my travel guide for Nashville on the blog let me know! I made a bomb itinerary for exploring music city.

While Nash has filled our hearts with so much love already, having a puppy isn’t always as adorable as the pictures on my instagram or the snuggles I get from him 3/4 of the day! I want to give you a fair warning: so far he’s been an amazing & easy-going pup to train and hang out with! BUT, yesterday I felt like I was starring in the movie Marley & Me…I’m talking 4am wake up call, biting everything but his chew toys and let’s just insert the *poop emoji* right here. To give you a not so offensive visual, J was in the backyard wearing my “take the dog out” flip flops yelling loud enough for the neighbours to hear about the fact that Nash was covered in his own you know what. In that moment, I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry. But I laughed, because this is us and these are the (not so) funny memories we will always look back on!

For all my friends who are currently debating if they should add a fur-baby to the fam while in quarantine I recommend thinking long and hard! J and I talked about getting a puppy for 5 months before we *compromised* and got a puppy. The deciding factor for us was when my school announced all classes would be online for the summer semester- guaranteeing me enough time at home to train Nash! In the process of making our decision we had to decide if we were ready for a long term commitment to things such as finances, work schedules, house training, responsibilities, lifestyle changes etc! (A piece of advice for my ladies: once you open up this conversation with your S/O you need to start finding puppy ads…after you convince your other half to go see a puppy in person it’s game over and they won’t be able to say no! At least that’s what worked for me!) All jokes aside, in the end we decided that we’re at the right stage in our lives to provide a fur-ever home for our new family member! And honestly, I can’t wait for all the adventures we’ll get to go on together!

If everything goes according to the “you-cant-say-no-to-a-cute-puppy-or-girlfriend” game plan and you get the a-ok to buy/adopt a pup I’ve created a list of things to organize before you get the dog:

  • Puppy-proof the house! Make sure you have safe spaces indoors and outdoors for the puppy to hang. You’ll want to consider if there’s any plants, decor or electronic cords that they shouldn’t be getting into! Block off any areas (like the stairs or under your fence/gate) that wouldn’t be safe for your pup while they’re still little!
  • Create a cozy space! Nash has a crate/bed in both our bedroom and the living room (filled with chew toys, you will need these in every room!) I also have a couple puppy blankets/towels that I use for him while he’s laying on the couch or at the end of the bed! I would recommend using a crate while they’re a puppy because it keeps them safe (and lets you keep your side of the bed!) In the kitchen I set up a placemat and his dog-bowls to attempt keeping my floors clean-ish!
  • Buy quality puppy accessories! I looked at different pet stores and brands before deciding what I wanted to invest in! Having a puppy will be expensive in general so you want to make sure that whatever you chose for a leash/harness etc. is good quality and will last!
  • Research a vet/groomer! The day that we got Nash home I made an appointment for him to go to a vet that was recommended to me/had great reviews! I wanted to make sure I was organized in advance so that I wouldn’t be trying to make a last minute appointment! I also researched puppy shampoo/grooming tools for at home- different dog breeds will need different products! I suggest starting with puppy shampoo, a brush and puppy wipes!
  • Buy cleaning supplies! Hopefully you won’t have to use them- but you’ll be thanking me later if you do! We got puppy pads and carpet cleaner- fingers crossed there won’t be many accidents here!
  • Establish a routine! If you want your pup to be trained, you need to keep them on a routine! Let your dog outside consistently throughout the day and night, get them used to the leash as soon as possible and don’t let the puppy dog eyes fool you while crate training!
  • If all else fails- don’t blame me! I’m new to this too 😉

From one dog mama to another- please spam your social media with pictures of your pets right now! The world needs all the cuteness and positivity we can spread!

Today’s Mantra: Be the person your dog thinks you are!

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