Stop shopping for TP and do something else to get-your-shit-together!

Hello fellow self-isolators!

As I’m just waking up from my afternoon siesta, (yes afternoon naps have become a new daily ritual and yes I can confirm that toddlers are 100% my spirit animals) I thought I would check in on you! I’m currently sending you a social-distance squeeze through this blog post! Partly because I miss you, partly because I want to hug you even more knowing that I’m NOT allowed to hug you…yes I’m one of those people! Each day as I scroll through my feed or listen to the news, I’m unsure of how I should feel. If you’re anything like me the Covid-19 virus has brought on a bunch of different emotions: anxiety, fear, sadness, empathy, appreciation, hunger. (Whoops did I say hunger? Actually yes I did mean hunger…the quarantine snacks are real!) But to be honest, I always come back to feeling grateful. Grateful to live in Canada, grateful to have amazing family/friends that check in on me, grateful for my cozy home, grateful to have a partner that is supportive while I can be a little stir-crazy (he deserves a gold medal), grateful to have enough food in my fridge / TP in my bathroom (buying one pack at a time is enough people…yes mom, if you’re reading this I’m talking to you!) and grateful that my family and I are all healthy! For the last almost? 2 weeks, I’ve been doing everything I can to stay positive. (I can’t keep track of what day of the week it is at this point, never mind how many days I’ve been at home in PJs sipping quarantini’s for!) I’ve been mindfully thinking about everyone working in the medical fields, the people working at the grocery stores, hardware stores and drive-thrus, the people who are suffering financially because they run a small business, the families who have to attempt home-schooling while also working at home and everyone else in-between. No matter your circumstance, just know that I am sending you ALL of the good-healthy-clean hand-vibes from at least six feet away! Luckily, I’m one of those people who gets to stay in the comfort of their own home, choosing when I’ll test-my-luck at Walmart while I pick up the essentials. Aside from sipping quarantini’s, taking siestas and studying from the comfort of my own bed, I’ve somehow also fit time into my busy schedule to brainstorm ideas of what anyone of any age could do while ballin’ on a quarantine budget at home! Yes you can do any of these with your kids, by yourself or as an at-home date with your S/O! Side note: if you use these ideas for date night, the social distancing etiquette of staying 6 feet apart still applies people…let’s not get carried away here!

  1. Take a bubble bath! Make bath time fun for the kids and let them “swim” in their bathing suits or wind down yourself with a glass of wine and your favourite book! Either way, it’s a great way for anyone to de-stress and relax!
  2. At home movie date! Set up the living room with as many blankets and pillows you can find, fairy lights and popcorn! There’s just something about setting up a fort and watching a movie that will never get old!
  3. Bake! Who doesn’t love something home-made? It’s okay if you aren’t good in the kitchen…you now have all the time in the world to perfect a new recipe!
  4. Go for a hike! Being in nature and breathing in fresh air is a great way to disconnect from reality for a minute and re-connect with the outdoors!
  5. Have a dance party! Dance with your littles, dance by yourself or dance with your S/O. It’s free, fun and gets your body moving. Just make sure to give it your all and dance like nobody is watching!
  6. At home spa day! Something I’ve loved to do from the time I was little with my momma, to being a teenager with my friends, to now at home while I miss Sally and her nail salon…is a good ‘ole at home pedicure! Soak your feet, paint your nails and lotion up! It’s fun, free and time consuming!
  7. Dress up! You can do this with your little ones or on your own! Try on your clothes, go through what you have and set aside what you no longer need so it can be donated! This is a fun way to spring clean/shop your closet! (Is anyone else currently window shopping all of the online sales going on?)
  8. Go through your photo albums! When was the last time you went through your photo albums instead of scrolling your insta-feed? I love a trip down memory lane- throwback to front bangs and Oshkosh overalls!
  9. Attempt yoga! Some days I like to do a full body stretch, other days I like to lay down for a nap and call it meditation. Either way there are a million free yoga classes on youtube that are fitting for any age group (yes even pre-schoolers!) and any level of experience! (You can also check out your local yoga studios on social media for live streams right now!)
  10. Take out your puzzles/board games! I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen my family get so competitive until I started playing Yahtzee with them. Now is a great time to kick your siblings ass at a board game while getting in some quality fam time!
  11. Re-decorate/rearrange your house! Ever since I was little I loved Marie kondo-ing the shit out of my bedroom! Especially feeling stuck at home right now, changing up your space or letting your littles move around the decor in their room is a great way to spend a day finding out what sparks your joy!
  12. Test out a new drink! This is a win-win for everyone, you can enjoy a cold bevy and your little can enjoy a virgin Pina colada aka fruit and veggie smoothie- you’re welcome!
  13. Order take out! This is a great way to support your local buisnesses! Many places are doing take out, uber eats or porch drop offs! Now’s the time to try a new restaurant in your community while supporting your local economy!
  14. Have a camp fire! Yes the weather is getting warmer and yes there is still snow in my backyard. BUT, there’s nothing better than cozying up by a fire with a blanket and hot chocolate no matter what the temperature is!
  15. Face time a friend! As hard as it is to want to go visit your loved ones, it’s important to remember that if we stay home now we will be able to visit them sooner! Face time still gives you that one on one time, while being able to stay home and stay safe!

I hope I’ve given you an idea or two of how you can fill one of the many upcoming days at home! If you already had all of these ideas, at least I filled in five minutes of your time with this blog post- so it’s a win win! Whatever you end up doing, I hope you and your loved ones are safe, healthy and staying positive!

Today’s mantra: Stay safe and stay home!

One thought on “Stop shopping for TP and do something else to get-your-shit-together!

  1. A nice compilation of ideas. I especially like ‚Take up yoga‘. I used to dance a lot and have started to do a little ballet again since the quarantine started. Re-discovering this is such a nice side effect!
    Also, I make sure to go out for a walk at least a few times a week.


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