Here’s to strong women.

Hey girlfriend, before we can get to the blog post I’m gunna need you to do me a solid. Open your music app- if you don’t already have a girl power playlist MAKE ONE. I’m talking Shania, Demi, JLO, Destiny’s Child, Lizzo, Miley, Brittany, Cardi B, T-Swift, Spice Girls…literally any female artist that brings out your inner Beyonce. I don’t care if you’re in the car, shower or alone in your room…turn that playlist up and dance like nobody’s watching because today is a day for US to celebrate. If you don’t feel the empowerment in your bones, keep turning it up louder until you do. Since the early 1900’s, females have fought and continue to fight for equal rights. Each year, March 8th is dedicated to celebrate social, cultural, economic and political achievements amongst our female tribe. Annually, there is a new theme for international women’s day- this year it is #EachForEqual. To put this into perspective, this year I’ve been educated more on the fight for equal pay. I work in a female dominated field- the dollar amount I receive on my pay check is a prime example of why we as females continue to fight the fight. Something else you may not be aware of is 1 in 3 women worldwide have been victims of physical/sexual violence. More than 60% of these incidents remain unreported…how many girlfriends do you have? Let that statistic of a harsh reality sink in. While there has been significant improvements over the years, we are STILL fighting for change. I for one, will continue to educate myself on the changes that need to be made and the things I can do to be supportive. One of the most significant actions we as women can take is to VOTE. It wasn’t until 1960 that ALL women in Canada had the right to vote in federal elections. That was only 60 years ago. I can imagine I’m not the only one somewhat opinionated when it comes to election time. If you don’t feel this way, I imagine if you didn’t have the right to a vote your perspective would change. On a positive note, I feel as though this generation of women are taking a stand and jumping hurdles in many aspects of our live’s. The power of social media likely has a huge impact on this. When you think about the women that surround you or that you follow on social media, what do you see? I see women of all shapes, ethnicities, knowledge and superpowers. I see women who lift each other up, I see women who support each others differences, I see women cheering each other on for the big AND small successes and I see women who are FINALLY embracing being themselves. Because that’s exactly what we need in this world. Smart, empowered, educated, perfectly imperfect, STRONG ass females. When I picture the world I want to raise babies in, I picture a world full of Rachel Hollis’, Sarah Landry’s and Michelle Obama’s impacting the future of females with their superpowers. If you look around the room or look down at your screen and you don’t feel surrounded by this type of positivity- it’s time to make a change. So today before the day is over, turn up your girl power playlist and dance: for the changes that have been made and the changes we continue to fight for, for the women in your life that impact you positively and for being yourself- a kick ass female who can do anything she puts her mind to. Happy International Women’s Day gal pals!

Today’s Mantra: Strong women: may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.

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