Beach, please.

Who else agrees that they need a six month vacation, twice a year? On the days I go from work at 6:30am to school at 6:00pm, I know I feel that way! This week I got to get in a little *a lot of much-needed R&R. When you close your eyes and picture your “happy place” what do you see? I picture waking up with a view of the ocean, enjoying a morning coffee in my robe & spending my day reading under a palm tree. So that is exactly what I did. My momma and I booked two tickets to the beautiful Paradisus Los Cayos in Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba! (And that is exactly what it felt like- paradise!) I’m talking sleep-with-the-doors-open-ocean-view-room, cappuccinos on the balcony, fresh pressed pineapple juice at breakfast, reading a book on the beach while being served margarita’s, and only worrying about if my wifi will be able to stream this weeks episode of The Bachelor. (It’s a hard life, right?) From the hot-pink themed bedroom to sunset watching at the sky bar, this resort deserves a 10/10 for being insta-worthy. With that being said, it was extremely important for me to reflect each day on how grateful I am that I have the opportunity to experience things like this in my life. Grateful to have my mom to go on girls-trips with, grateful to have a job I love that allows me to pay for vacations, grateful to swim in the crystal clear ocean while our earth still looks this way, grateful that I come from a country that has all the basic-necessities at hand with just one quick trip to Walmart and honestly grateful for frozen lemon daiquiris. Just kidding about the last one- but not really! With that being said, it’s amazing to travel to other countries. But it’s also an amazing reality check that some of the “problems” we have in Canada are not comparable to the problems that third world countries experience every day. It was great (but not surprising) to hear that Canadians are one of the most polite and thoughtful cultures that visit Cuba. I’m sorry but who doesn’t love feeling the love of their own country, eh? I’m sad to be packing my *over-packed* suitcase (I debated writing a blog post on the packing essentials for a vacation, but really I’d just be writing about how you will need to pay for an overweight suitcase fee!) but I’m ready for my own bed, healthy food & drinking my body weight in water. Adios Cuba- it’s back to the reality of driving in the snow, studying at school, being an ECE & doing the dishes that *somebody* “forgets” to do! 😉

Todays mantra: Be grateful for what you have, while working for what you want!

What are you grateful for today?

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