How’s it going! I’m Silken.

Welcome to my very first blog post (and blog)!

Let me introduce myself…

– I am 23 years old! (But most importantly- a child at heart, always.)

– I recently moved from one small town, to the next small-ish town of Barrie, Ontario! I absolutely love it here. (And that is how I came up with the name “SmallTownBlogger”)

– Starting a blog has been on my mind for quite some time. In 2020 I told myself I’d try new things…so here we are!

– I’ve worked in the *glamorous* field of Early Childhood Education since 2017. When I discovered the passion I had for working with children I decided to dive head first into my goals, quit my full-time job and go back to school to become a registered-ECE! (When I was younger, I thought when I grew up I wanted to be a police officer! So I have already graduated from college with a Human Services Certificate and Police Foundations Diploma- look out or I might pull a citizen’s arrest!)

– My hobbies include: drinking wine, drinking coffee, drinking wine while watching The Bachelor with my momma (oops, did I mention wine twice!?), doing literally anything outside- running, biking, kayaking etc., walking mindlessly around winners/home-sense, reading a book while taking a bubble bath, journaling, attempting yoga, trying new recipes off Pinterest, decorating my home and looking up pictures of dogs. I also love trying as many local shops/restaurants as I can! Do these count as hobbies? Please tell me these count as hobbies.

– I love country music! There’s just something about an outdoor concert on a summer night, with my boots on and a cold drank! You feel? It must be those small town roots.

– I’ve been to a handful of places on my bucket-list, but I have a hell of a lot more to cross off before I die! (I also have a thing for collecting the Starbucks You-Are-Here mugs! So far I have collected NYC, Nashville and Japan!)

– I have no idea how others would describe me (Insert Rachel Hollis’ “Someone else’s opinion about you is none of your business” quote here) but I would describe me as happy (unless I’m hangry), hardworking (thanks to my parents), organized-ish (I have a colour coded planner but like to leave my clothes on the floor, okay), patient (I work with toddlers *like a pro*), caring (sometimes too much) and friendly (seriously- I’m always making friends with strangers!)

– When I was researching the how-to’s of starting a blog, it reccomended picking a theme. It also recommended being yourself. So I have chosen to be myself and not choose a theme- I will be sharing the in & outs of my brain! Let’s keep things real, raw & not limit ourselves!

Here’s to trying new things, sharing positivity with the world & hoping I can add blogging to my list of not-so-exciting-but very relatable hobbies!

Today’s mantra: Be kind & do something that scares you!

9 thoughts on “How’s it going! I’m Silken.

  1. You have inspired me to start my own blog. Just thinking of a name for it !!! I love getting to know you through this



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